Client Testimonials

After attending a very informative free Wills and Living Trusts Seminar provided by the Sentry Law, I decided to proceed with their 6-step Living Trust Process. It was an easy and pleasant experience.  Mr. Cooper and his staff have been courteous, patient, and knowledgeable in dealing with my questions and concerns. My mind is at ease concerning the trust and I recommend their company to those considering estate planning.

~ Susan Bean

Exceptional client service. Overall our experience was good. Mr. Cooper was organized, prompt, thorough and friendly. He was able to explain legal issues in lay terminology so that we understood the process easily. We are happy to have our Living Trust in place to make things easier for the spouse and children left behind and to keep the disposition of our assets out of probate.

~ Lorie Holton

An important family service. Mr. Cooper provides important information in a complete, unhurried way. It’s an efficient processs that shows how seriously they take every step. Our family is well protected.

~ Saul and Nan Chase

The most important seminar and services I have attended. The seminar was great – very informative and complete. Many facts came to light to think about. The follow up free meeting set the stage for deciding to pursue a package. Jeff is a true professional and quite knowledgeable in estate planning. He was most complete in describing all areas of concern. I am very glad I attended his seminar and followed thru with his suggestions. I would (and will) talk with friends about Jeffs’ services and suggest they attend the next seminar. The whole process was complete, enlightening and well worth the effort.

~ Warren Patton

Highly recommended for Estate Planning. Sentry Law provided a high quality informational workshop on elder law. This was followed by professional appointments for services. All documents were explained in detail and all questions answered. Rates for services were reasonable. I highly recommend Sentry Laws Firm for estate planning.

~ Marie T. Lewis

It has been a pain free experience. They have been very helpful getting our affairs in order. Now we have peace of mind after having to settle the affairs of my father after his passing.

~ Mike and Debby Abel

Client-centered professional service. From the first encounter with Jeffrey Cooper at an informational gathering in Hendersonville, NC and his staff, there has been a consistant experience of comprehensive and clear information, explanation of issues and options at each step of the way. Our questions were thoroughly answered and we felt we were the most important thing on his agenda at that precise moment. The process was outlined well at the beginning of our discussion to have a trust created and there was adequate time between meetings to consider our choices and alternatives. We (I) would hightly recommend the Sentry Law. His services made a difficult task very, very manageable.

~ Frances T. Ackley

Exceptional client service. Very thorough and explained the requirements and process to our understanding. Very friendly staff.

~ Joseph and Mabel Legere

We are quite pleased with the presentation and layout of all the estate documents. This made it quite simple for us to understand.

~ Ed and Pat Sheridan

We would give Sentry Law a 5-star rating. Everything was explained in easy to understand terms. The people we dealt with were friendly and knowledgeable. Jeff Cooper was our main contact – and we liked him from the beginning. We feel much better now, knowing that our families will be taken care of after we are gone.

~ Caroll and Ben Daggett

Great Client Service. The Living Trust process in very complicated for novices. Mr. Cooper explained things in great detail, answered all of our questions and and made the process much easier for us. The whole process proceeded in a very orderly fashion with reasonable time frames to do our work in identifying assets, trustees, etd. Overall Mr. Cooper made what could have been a trying experience much easier and pleasant. So overall we were very pleased with Mr. Cooper and his work.

~ Michael and Anna Kozak

5 Star Estate Planning. I first heard Jeff at a seminar he gave here in town. I was very impressed with his depth of knowledge in Estate Planning. After calling to make an appointment, I met Jeff to discuss my estate needs and we came up with, what I think, is an above average plan; not just a boiler plate type of estate plan. I feel Jeff covered all angles of the legal field in my estate plan, whenever it is needed for my beneficiaries.

~ Michael Roth

Outstanding and Great Presentation. We (myself and my husband) were quite impressed when we sat in on the seminar that was advertised in our local newspaper. They went into such great detail as to what we really needed to hear. We had no idea that we would get as much information as we did that night. We had talked about what and how we were going to do all the things that had been discussed in the meeting. We then decided to make an appointment and go over what we had already set up with another attorney. Because the information we received that day and the seminar info were so detailed we decided to have Jeff do our plan as well as my will which I needed. Thanks for all the info and great work.

~ Joyce Patton

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