Labor Day! Leaving a Legacy for Family

Sep 6, 2016

What is a legacy?

I spend a lot of time with husbands, wives, couples, parents, grandparents who are thinking deeply about the legacy they want to leave.  And this is one of the reasons I love estate planning.  I believe that planning for your will or trust is a great time to also think about your legacy – because it’s so much more than the assets we leave behind.

I recorded a quick video for you below about my thoughts on legacy this labor day.


P.S. There’s a bonus at the end of what my 4-year-old daughter believes labor day is all about!


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One Response to “Labor Day! Leaving a Legacy for Family”

  1. David & Lou. Gebb

    Adorable! Looking forward in seeing you soon after the land surveyor and filling out the legacy workbook!


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