Estate Planning Seminar in Shelby, NC

Jul 24, 2013

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Living Trust Seminar in Shelby, NC

A well-drafted living trust that has been properly funded can be a core component of many estate plans. However, many people just don’t understand the difference between a will and a trust, or the reasons why you might need to use both or either of them in your estate plan. If you are creating a revocable living trust in Shelby, NC, you will be faced with many important decisions, such as who will be trustee, and who will be the beneficiaries after your death.

Just yesterday, the Sentry Law put on a Seminar at the LeGrand Center in Shelby, NC discussing Estate Planning issues such as wills, living trusts, powers of attorney and health care authorizations. Attorney Jeffrey M. Cooper spoke to a group of about thirty Tuesday evening, while those in attendance were able to get their questions answered during the Q&A. The Sentry Law offered free consultations and credit certificates to all in attendance.

You can learn a lot more about living trusts in North Carolina by attending one of our upcoming free living trust seminars.


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